Charity Hive is the only fundraising platform you need for donations, events, tickets, raffles and more
Digital fundraising, donations, events, tickets, raffles and more

The most comprehensive digital fundraising platform. Take a look at what's under the hood.

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We're Charity Hive

Your all-in-one platform for successful fundraising

Your all-in-one platform for successful fundraising

Digital fundraising, donations, events, tickets, raffles and more

Charity Hive boasts the most comprehensive digital fundraising features. Create your own fundraising events, sell tickets to your next event, sell merchandise, create online auction lots, run raffles, let your supporters create their own fundraising pages, or simply receive donations. The possibilities are endless!

Digital fundraising and donations
Create your own fundraising events
Create online auction lots, run raffles,
The best online donation and fundraising platform

The best online donation and fundraising platform

  • Feature packed
  • No plans or packages - everything is included!
  • No setup or monthly costs
  • No subscription
  • 2% fee on donations
  • 4% for everything else
  • Funds paid directly into your bank

No subscriptions fees

We believe in transparency and fairness. We don't burden you with setup fees or monthly service charges. Instead, we have a simple and affordable pricing model: just a flat 2% fee on donations and 4% for all other activities. That means you only pay when you earn. Guaranteed.

No subscriptions fees

Feature rich to help you grow

Charity Hive is a beautifully simple, yet powerful platform that contains everything you'll need to help grow your charity and its fundraising activities. Charity Hive takes speed seriously. With an emphasis on lightning-fast loading times, your visitors won't be left tapping their fingers impatiently. Its architecture ensure your site runs smoothly, which is crucial for both user engagement and search engine rankings.

Feature rich to help you grow

Charity Hive is for everyone

Whether you're a charity, a community interest company, a sports club, or a PTA, our platform offers a comprehensive suite of fundraising solutions tailored just for you.

Charity Hive is for everyone

Code of Fundraising Practice

Charity Hive are proud to be registered and part of the Fundraising Regulator and Cyber Essentials Certified. The Code of Fundraising Practice sets the standards that apply to good fundraising carried out by all charitable institutions and third party fundraisers in the UK. Charity Hive are committed to fundraising in line with the Code of Fundraising Practice in a way that is legal, open, honest and respectful.

Code of Fundraising Practice
Our founder

Our founder

With over 25 years experience in digital marketing, Dan is a creative individual with a passion for delivering award-winning interactive media and online content.

In his role as an Ambassador for a UK veteran's charity, here is where he developed a passion for the fundraising sector. He was asked to create an online fundraising tool for the charity in order to prevent them paying monthly subscription fees elsewhere. Dan was surprised to learn that if the charity didn’t receive any income through fundraising or donations during a particular month, they were still paying hundreds of pounds in subscription costs. Dan felt compelled to change this, and started to develop Charity Hive, which would simply have a small fee per transaction, and a truly “you only pay when you earn” model. With the help of a handful of charities that signed up to his vision from the start, they all pulled together year's of experience, to devise a set of features, plus the mission to transform digital fundraising.

Founded in 2019, Charity Hive continues to revolutionise online fundraising, with added functionality and emerging technologies. Charity Hive supports and looks after charities, CIC's, CASC's and PTA's.

If Dan isn't designing or coding, he can generally be found out on his bicycle when there is time to spare!

Charity Hive is a powerful fundraising platform

Our story (so far)...

Founded in March 2019, we have come a long way, and now look after hundreds of organisations like yours. Here are a few of our key milestones:

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  • 2019

    Charity Hive is born

    Charity Hive is born as a simple fundraising event tool for charities to take online donations.

  • 2020

    Numbers increase

    Our "founder charities" continue to grow in number!

  • Pandemic Hits

    The Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns meant that Charity Hive became an essential tool for charities unable to do physical events.

  • Courses added

    Working alongside the award winning Charlton Athletic Community Trust, we built the most comprehensive booking systems available within the Charity Hive platform.

  • 2021

    Activity Hive Launched

    Activity Hive was added, with Strava integration, enabling virtual fundraising events where your supporters track their progress.

  • Fees slashed!

    We wanted to assist our charities and organisations further, so we reduced our fees by 75%!

  • 2022

    Ed Sheeran chooses Charity Hive!

    Charity Hive helps facilitate a number of Ed Sheeran auctions and prize competitions raising over £250k for charities close to his heart.

  • CMS functionality!

    The Charity Hive CMS (Content Management System) was added and provides website content capabilities.

  • Charity Hive v2.0

    Exciting developments, with a brand new interface for Charity Hive.

  • 2023

    Hive Hub added

    Hive Hub, a free to use link-in-bio solution was added to Charity Hive - plus a number of other core features.

  • Honeycomb

    As well as the Charity Hive Core product, Honeycomb was introduced: a mobile-first website template perfect for those that either don't have a website, need an update, or want something different.

  • 2024

    Happy 5th Birthday!

    Charity Hive celebrates its 5th birthday!

  • ...

    More to come!

    Watch this space!

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