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Fees and Charges

Charity Hive are heavily focused on transparency for its users. This includes being clear about the rights of donors, fundraisers and charities as well as communicating how we operate a subscription and setup fee free fundraising platform. Charity Hive is a tranding name of Hively Limited, incorporated in England and Wales, and our registered number is 11891477.

Hypothetical donation

The following hypothetical donation illustrates how much is received by a charity after the Charity Hive fee. This applies to all payments made via our platform:

Donation amount: £10
Gift Aid amount: £2.50 (Claimed back by the charity on eligible donations)
Charity Hive transaction fee: £0.60
Card provider fee (e.g. PayPal): £0.14
Total received by charity: £11.76 (including Gift Aid)

Costs to charities or fundraisers

Set up costs: £0
Cost per month: £0


All payments made via the Charity Hive platform are deposited directly into a charity's own payment gateway and bank account. Charity Hive does not hold on to any of these monies. We calculate the transaction fees monthly and invoice charities for this amount on the 1st of each month with 28 day payment terms.